Riviera Beach Youth Empowerment Program

Next Generation Studios

Teen Program Schedule

Monday – Friday: 2:00PM – 6:30PM

Every first and third Saturday: 11:00AM -4:00PM


Tutoring schedule: All Subjects Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday 4:00PM-5:00PM

The music studio hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4-7pm and every first and third Saturday 12-3pm

Major Collaborative Partnerships

New Programs

Upcoming Programming

* Digital Divide Computer Program – youth will repair recycled computers and then donate them to local residents who are in need of computers as well as take one home. This will be a two phase program (6 Weeks per session) starting Wednesday, October 21, 2015 .


* Destiny Changes – Building boys to men
* Automotive 101
* Girls Hair 101

About Riviera YEP

The Youth Empowerment Teen Program will provide a positive environment for youth development through open communication, education, culture, philosophy, mentoring, history, and personal enhancement to entice the young minds to become hungry for success!
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Why It’s Important

Palm Beach County hired the Florida State University Center for Criminology and Public Poll Research to conduct research regarding youth crime trends among other things, the 2007 FSU study found that:

  • .84 percent of violent offenders have an arrest record before the age of 30
  • .79 percent of homicide offenders’ have an arrest record before the age of 30
  • .The largest and fastest growing age group of homicide offenders is 20-24 years of age.